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First, welcome! I’m so excited you’re here and even more excited to share my social media strategies with you and start helping you scale your business using social media.

By signing up, you’re taking a massive step towards amplifying your social media strategy, and I promise you’ll start seeing results by becoming more consistent in connecting with your audience in a beautiful, authentic way every month.

The truth is that social media can be a ton of fun, but if we’re all being honest, the hardest part about it, is coming up with WHAT to say, HOW to say it, and start connecting with those who follow your page. This is typically why MOST businesses struggle to thrive on social media. Instead of posting consistently, they post every now in then, only to see a small amount of engagement and feel incredibly defeated because of it. I’m sure you have plenty of beautiful photos to post but struggle with posting them because you just don’t know what to write and say.

The good news is, that by signing up for Wordsmith you’ll get professionally written fill-in-the-blank style captions that are so incredibly easy to use. Every single month!

Finding great writers and outsourcing content writing can get extremely expensive. Hiring a professional to write 15 social captions per month ranges anywhere between $375-$525 in the industry. By signing up for this monthly membership, you’ll get access to high-quality content for far less. Best of all, you’ll see how well these captions work to boost authentic engagement and help you scale your social media reach.

Not only will you get these captions each month, but I’m also going to walk you through how I’ve managed to grow my social media following over the years to 100,000+ followers who I get to connect with.

I’ll tell you what I find most important when it comes to social media. My personal 5-point strategy has made a massive difference in business growth. I’m also going to walk you through my process of planning and styling your social media grid so you can easily schedule your monthly content in a few hours and start showing up every day.

Social media is all about consistency, so learning to schedule and automate the little things can help you a great deal in the long run.

Using Wordsmith is extremely easy. Once you’re signed up, all you need to do is log into your account, open up the most recent unlocked monthly caption list (new ones will unlock each month!), copy and paste the captions, and start posting them!


  • Sign up for the FREE TRIAL
  • Get New Social Media Captions
  • Organize and style monthly photos
  • Copy, paste & customize captions
  • Schedule and post monthly content
  • Unlock brand new captions every 30 days!

Since a new collection of pre-written captions get unlocked every 30 days from your sign up date, I highly recommend you create a good work schedule for yourself. Let’s say you signed up on the 5th of the month, every month on the 5th you’ll be able to log in and access the new captions. Use the 5th or the 6th of the month as your scheduling days! Organize your photos, copy and paste your captions, and schedule your month worth of captions in one day. This way you’re creating a good work schedule for yourself that will make this whole process so simple. You’ll get a whole month worth of work complete in one day and then can easily repeat this process once a month from now on. 

We’ll be the one doing all the writing for you, so you can spend more time focusing on things you love to do! 

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