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Meet Elena; The Founder of Wordsmith

Let’s be honest; Content creation continues to be one of the most time-consuming elements of running a business, and I knew I wanted to change that. As someone who’s built multiple successful businesses over the years, I experienced firsthand how challenging it was always to do everything myself. If you have your own business, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

I combined my love for deep conversation and authentic connection with my experience in marketing and created Wordsmith. A platform dedicated to content creation for visionary entrepreneurs. 

Having worked with well over 840+ businesses, I know what works and converts and truly believe that the future of great marketing is in authentic connections. We skip the small talk and focus on real conversations that lead to loyal, long-term clients.

My story really began after a decade of working for myself and living my own definition of success. We had been living in Maui and spent almost every day by the beach sun-kissed and salty. My husband and I are both at home full-time, raising our kids. It was over a cup of coffee one morning that I paused and realized that in that very moment, I was living my own definition of success, and it was all thanks to the courage to show up, pursue my dreams and start my own business.

For me, success isn’t just about working for myself or doing something I love, but it’s about the freedom that comes with putting all your effort into creating the future you dream of. Even if it’s something as simple as spending every single day with your family and enjoying a cup of coffee with the one you love. 

I’ve always been passionate about helping others and loved spending my days sharing the things I had used myself to connect to my ideal customers and ultimately scale my businesses so quickly.

Jon, my husband (the brains behind Wordsmith) is a software developer. He taught himself how to code after serving in the Army as an Intelligence Analyst. He is incredibly detailed oriented and focuses on creating the best user interface and providing excellent customer support anytime someone needs something. 

As they say, opposites attract, which certainly stands true for us. I care about the fonts, colors, and design. He cares about the data and scalability. I have 4,379,298 tabs open; he has 1. I’m the dreamer; he’s the realist. I make the dinner; he does the dishes. After being married for 14+ years, four kids, and countless life adventures together, we seriously couldn’t imagine life any other way.

The best part about what we do at Wordsmith is helping others share their story and scale their business with the same strategies we’ve used again and again. Our story, will always be more about you than us.

The goal of any business is to provide value to customers and clients and we love helping our members do exactly that. In todays world, it’s important that you connect with your customers on a deeper level than just what you sell—you want to identify your shared values, lifestyle, and passions.

We believe the best way to do that is by sharing your story. Our captions and content focus on who you are, and the things you are passionate about making it easier than ever to connect to people who truly value what you have to offer. 

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