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The 5-Point Strategy

I have tested more ideas on social media that you could imagine and paid close attention to what worked, and what didn’t. Balancing WHAT you post to social media can play a huge role in how you do when it comes to engagement and growing your social media following. Testing different things has been a great way to see what works best, and I’m hoping that passing this content on to you helps you save time, and allows you to jump right into what has proven to work so well for me and so many others.

I’ve spent time posting a beautifully styled grid, that showed nothing but perfection, and the work I was most proud of, only to feel like I was missing from what I was sharing. Sure, my feed looked beautiful, but removing myself from the equation only made me grow tired of perfection and I think those who followed my page probably felt the same about it.

Another time, I tried the complete opposite; I shared nothing but personal moments, only to feel like it came across as too random. Missing the pieces that made my business what it is.

Then I tried a nice mix of the two, enough business content to showcase my professional work, but also plenty of personal thoughts and photos and found a wonderful place that felt balanced. It had enough beautiful business content, showcasing what I was working on, but also gave people a chance to get to know me, the person behind the business.

After experimenting with different things, I spent months testing what worked the best as far as actual content went and noticed that what worked the best for me was posting about the following:

You can see that the 5 point strategy is quite simple, but covers everything important and keeps people engaged with what you do, who you are, and the things you are most passionate about. By posting about these 5 topics each month, you’ll have an incredible content calendar that will easily cover what you are passionate about, what you do professionally, who you are, all while serving your audience helpful information all month long.

When it comes to social media, the last thing I want to do is just post for the sake of posting. I want my content to be more than just fluff. I want it to inspire, to educate, to create a connection with people all over the world. When I show up online, I want it to count.

It’s a good idea to try and post at least every two days, which is about 15 posts a month.

With my 5 point strategy above, that means it’s 3 captions for each topic.

When you piece together a strategy you’ll see how it’s pretty simple to create content with a purpose. 

Having these pre-written fill-in-the-blank captions will save you so much time. Going over WHY we post certain things each month is important because I want you not only to get these pre-written captions each month, but I want you to understand exactly why it works so great. 

You’ll notice a massive difference as the months go by and that this 5 point strategy works wonders when it comes to growing your social media accounts, and generating real, authentic engagement.

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