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How To Batch Work and Get More Done In Less Time

how to batch work

I’ve always been one of those people who wanted to do as much as possible, as fast as possible. Which sounds great in theory but doesn’t actually work so well in practice. Over the years, I’ve learned the value of batch working. Which has helped me become significantly more efficient in my workflow. Now I have far more time available to dedicate to the things that really matter.

In the world of startups and entrepreneurs, working longer hours means you’re working harder. But it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re getting more done or spending your time in the most effective way possible. In fact, working too much can become counterproductive. As your brain will start to lose focus, and you’ll waste time on unnecessary activities. (Like checking your Facebook notifications or refreshing Instagram). If you want to be productive, learn how to batch work. This way you’ll get more done each day with less stress and fatigue.


Entrepreneurs are well-known for working long hours—and that’s a good thing. But, entrepreneurs often struggle with not having enough time in the day. They often find themselves not getting enough time for other important things. (Like sleep or exercise, and not spending enough time with family and friends). However, entrepreneurs can learn to manage their time better.

Here’s how: By learning how to batch work. 


In a time where everyone is expected to be available all of the time, batch working can give you valuable control over how much work you take on in a given period. If you’re strapped for time and need more things done in less time, batch working is an excellent way to get stuff done. This also frees up your mental capacity so that when you are not on duty for one specific task, you can focus on other aspects of your business. Here’s what we mean:

Let’s say you find yourself spending a lot of time doing many tasks throughout your workday; you bounce from checking emails to a client call, then work on a new blog article, jump on IG or Facebook for a few minutes, all while searching the internet for something you need. You’re doing A LOT all at once every day.


Batch work, on the other hand, divides specific time-consuming tasks (like checking your emails, responding to clients or writing IG captions) into a set time frame. During this time, you focus only on that one task. 

By dedicating time to doing only one thing, you become more focused and more efficient in the work you do. 

For my business, I’ve learned to batch work for many different things. One of the main ones is writing social media captions. Something that used to take me so much time! As someone who writes social media content for others (Wordsmith). I’ve learned that I write better when I have a set amount of time to just sit and write and really focus only on that one thing. I turn off my phone and remove all other distractions. Instead of writing one caption per day, I spend a few hours and write ALL captions for the months. Now that task is not something I need to do daily, and the work I produce is far better because it was created with 100% of my attention.  


The idea of batch working involves breaking down work into manageable chunks. Business owners who successfully incorporate batch working into their schedule say they now spend less time worrying about their to-do list and more time actually getting things done. It’s a matter of learning how to manage your energy rather than an endless stream of tasks. It may be tough in the beginning—and definitely requires some discipline—but after a few weeks or months, you’ll likely begin to notice that you have days where you just get loads done with very little procrastination.


This is when you schedule chunks of time for specific tasks. The idea behind it is that if you block off time for each task, you can accomplish more during your workday since you’re not trying to multi-task or manage distractions. Block off uninterrupted times in your calendar specifically for certain activities. Schedule appointments with yourself, basically. If there are times during your day where you tend to get distracted or find yourself unproductive, blocking them out could help keep you on track. For me, time blocking & batch editing go hand in hand. 


Entrepreneurs are often so busy jumping from one thing to another that they don’t even realize when they might be falling behind. Using time-blocking in your schedule allows you to see exactly how much time you’re spending on each task, and when you can allocate more time to something that needs it. When used alongside batch working, entrepreneurs can be more efficient at work than ever before!

How you can batch work and get more done in less time

There’s a lot of flexibility when it comes to how you want to manage your time and still get a lot done. Find a method that works for you and stick with it. For example, say you check email only one time per day—during the morning. Keep that routine daily (or weekly, or monthly depending on what the task is).


You’ve heard of The 4-Hour Workweek—but what about a 4-hour workday? What if instead of working for eight hours, you worked just four hours in the morning, leaving the rest of your day free for personal activities or even working on another project? It might sound crazy at first, but batching can save you an incredible amount of time—and could be one of your best tools for moving forward in reaching your biggest goals!

Speaking of getting more done in less time, I have plenty of resources to help you with your business. If you’re interested in becoming my newest client (and letting me write ALL your IG captions every month), then head on over to the Wordsmith Home Page to learn more! 

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